Antifa Sisters


Having Fun Keeping the Streets Clean of Fascism


We are pleased to present a video from Slovenian anti-fascists, “Antifa Sisters.” The struggle against fascism and nationalism has taken many forms throughout different lands and times, all of which we should draw on as we face a new wave of far-right momentum in the United States. As we analyze the spread of fascism and mobilize to shut down fascist recruiting, it’s important to keep our efforts joyous and fun. Organizing against fascist initiatives should embrace the full range of tactics, offering a multitude of roles for every person to choose from and encompassing every aspect of life. We may have to defeat fascists in open confrontation, but we defeat fascism itself by refusing to suppress everything in ourselves that is extraordinary and exuberant, refusing to become the glum warriors of some grudge match, remaining focused on our romantic long-term project of changing the world.

Antifa Sisters!

Antifa Sisters is an initiative of unnamed heroines determined to bash back! against the spread of nationalism and fascism. Sometimes they appear in the middle of the night; other times, they run through the streets in plain sight. Antifa Sisters first emerged in response to Neo-Nazi attacks on autonomous spaces in Slovenia in February 2016. Since then, they have used their graffometer to measure right-wing contamination on the streets of Slovenian cities and villages, removed hateful messages from the walls, and trained to defend the projects they hold dear, while preparing to dance on the ruins of the ruling order.

They stand alongside everyone who wants to live in cities where no one is afraid to walk alone at night, where the slogans on people’s lips are not messages of hate but songs of resistance and courage. They are everyone who refuses to back down in the face of fascist threats, everyone who struggles for a freer world. They are all of us, refusing to give in.

Who you gonna call? Antifa Sisters!


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